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The Art of Starting Again

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed but can’t really admit that to anyone?

Are you freaking out on the inside?

Do you shut the door and weep in despair because you want to run away from your own life?
(Move to New Mexico and open up a coffee shop? That is my secret fantasy.)

Are you ready to take off the mask of pretending everything is OK?

Ready to stop the aimless wandering from here to there and around again?

Do you feel it is time to reinvent yourself — whether in business or in life?

If you are willing… I’d like to share a solution. A new way of living, a new way of thinking.

Because life happens. Life is messy. We MUST be willing to start over… again and again.

Just between us girls, I have to admit that I am sick of starting over, too.

Sometimes, I scream out in my office and yell things
that a “nice” woman in leadership should not yell.

Sometimes, I eat the entire bag of Hint of Lime chips.

But I also must admit… I am good at it.

I am good at the ReStart. I have done it again and again. And it’s OK.

  • Perhaps you have decided your career is driving you nuts. You want to pull the covers over your head and never come out, but you don’t have anyone you can admit that to.

  • Perhaps you are drowning in debt without a life jacket and you can’t even see straight and have no clue what to do.

  • Perhaps you are sick of putting on the fake smile to greet everyone and going about your business, day after day, year after year.

  • Perhaps you are really lost and embarrassed to admit that you have no idea what else to try or what else to do because you are supposed to have it all together.

I know exactly how you feel. I have been there and, honestly, I am in the midst of my own ReStart againg this month.  I really am. And today, as I am writing this, in the Spring of 2018, I am starting anew.

This past year I have sold my business, sold my house, got married, moved and now adjusting to life as a married woman once again.   I am in a new normal and not sure what that looks like.

Over the years, I have picked up my broken bits and pieces. I have gathered up the shreds of my dignity. I have asked for help. I have wandered the paths. I have sought the support. I have worked the steps. I have surrendered. I have done the brave thing. Then, I have done the next brave thing. I have eaten my own words, gotten on my knees, and done the ugly cry. I have been willing to be vulnerable and raw. You have watched me. Many of you have watched me as I have transformed.

Accept my invitation… let’s get you ReStarted.

My Big Brave Wake-Up Call!

I had a wake-up call over the past year as I walked through the process of preparing to sell a part of my business…..NACWE. In the midst of that, I was also preparing to sell my house and planning our upcoming wedding.

Lots of waiting. Lots of planning. Many sleepless nights before it was time to tell you. Before I could announce the change for the business.

The worst part was keeping the secret. You see, I am totally against secrets and live my life in such a way that I don’t have to keep them. But I needed to allow things to happen in the way that God ordained and in His timing.

Waiting. Starting again. Getting honest. I have heard from many of you over the past few weeks regarding my choice. I know you are having to make hard decisions, too!

  • I see you do it after the loss, the grief, the funeral.
  • I see you do it when you send your kids off to kindergarten or college.
  • I watch you sort it out as you leave a career or a city or a marriage.
  • I watch you struggle to release the pain.
  • I see you wrestle with your worthiness.

Even in my own life… I am learning how to be BRAVE enough to not hide from the roller coaster of feelings.

I survived a plane crash, financial confusion, broken hearts, and a lawsuit.

I am proud to report that I have learned to deal with life without drinking it away in a bottle, either.

That wake-up call day was July 19, 2013. So, I have made it over 4.5 years since then, living sober. I have learned to walk the walk and feel the feelings. I have been broken-hearted and dumped. I have walked through death and survived financial fear and career change and business stress. I have learned to deal with life on life’s terms.

Did you know that we all need and deserve to be supported
in the challenges of life?

A coach to help us.

An emotional guide for the roller coaster.

A mentor for the process.

A coffee date for the ugly stuff.

I am here to offer you a sacred circle. ReStart with me. I have the tools, the processes, the experience to walk by your side. The only way through is through.

The only way to start over is with loving support, in business and in life.

And that alone can change every single thing!

No matter what you are going through . . .

The broken heart.

The bankruptcy.

The business disaster.

The loss of your beloved pet.

The cancer diagnosis of your child.

The ending of your three-decade marriage.

The first year of sobriety.

All of it. You can do this. You can do this… for just 24 hours at a time. Just for today.

What does it mean to Restart?

Verb: to start again

Noun: a new start or beginning

The process of transforming and willingness to change. In the midst of the word restart are the words rest, art, and star. When you ReStart, you will embrace your need to rest, you will surround yourself with your own art, and you will become the star of your own life again. This is WHY. I will show you the HOW, and then you will know what to do and how to do it for yourself and for those you serve.

Why did I create ReStart for you?

I feel convicted. I feel unearthed. I feel my soul connected to this program. As a woman in recovery, I live this. As a former mental health therapist, I know this. As a woman who has a deep love of God, I crave this. I got my Life Recovery Coach Certification this year to further add to my years of training and work in the recovery field and the coaching process. I am a Life Artist, helping you create your very own masterpiece.

I am immersed all the way in it. I am knee-deep in this season of, once again, restarting. And I have restarted so many times before:

The loss of my counseling career from the lawsuit where I was named negligent.

The loss of my 10-year marriage.

The loss of my ability to drink like others.

The loss of love.

I want the same life recovery for you.

We must cry, do the work, scream, and write the notes we never send.

We must get up and go exercise. We must try painting, or coloring, or something.

We must listen to the wise counsel of those who have walked the path ahead of us.

We must be willing to be willing… one brave day at a time.

This program is my gift to you.

Join me and the other women in this sacred circle who are walking this path, living this experience, and doing the work.

You are a woman who:

  • Wants to live life in color again
  • Wants to live with passion and purpose
  • Wants to be ready for adventure and willing to feel all of the feelings
  • Wants a toolkit for life, no matter what happens or where you end up
  • Wants to love yourself so much that you are willing to do the work

What is the ReStart Program?

  • 90 Days of Transformation, Coaching, and Starting
  • 2 75-minute monthly private sessions with me (6 total)
  • Access to me for concierge coaching
  • Weekly Writing Prompts, Creativity Assignments, and Life Homework, based on your reality

ReStart Your Life or ReStart your Business

This is your program, and you get to choose the focus.

Do you want to focus primarily on a LIFE RESTART? ReStart your Life

Or on a BUSINESS RESTART? ReStart your Biz

Of course, we will talk about both. Think about what honors you and where you are right now.
That is where we get started.

I can’t wait.

You are loved.

Let’s get started on your ReStart plan. I can’t wait to help you to create ART with your life.


Join the ReStart Program today.

Start when you are ready. I am right here!

  • One Payment of $3,000
  • (save $200 when you pay in full)
  • 2 Monthly Payments of $1,600
  • (one now and the 2nd in 30 days)
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