Pick My Brain

I love to share my information but I have invested a lot in all that I have learned.  I attend trainings, workshops and conferences.  I hire coaches and mentors.  I am part of mastermind programs. And I read books.  I also seek my own counseling and attend support groups. I believe all of this is important to who I am and how I work in the world.

My brain is NOT FREE and neither are my coaching programs…. crazy huh?

Fill out this form to “pick my brain,” but please know that my job is to offer you a program that might be a good fit for you. When you go to the doctor or the hair dresser, or get your car serviced…. you ask for them to help you with their professional opinion.  I will be doing the same for you.  Sharing my experience, strength and hope and inviting you to come along on the journey with me.

Mentoring. Coaching.  Consulting.

I work hard for my clients and I can’t wait to see if we might be a good fit.   I love my clients and invest highly into them with my mind, my heart and my vision. I would be honored to walk by your side!

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