New name: Diane Elizabeth Ellis.

Changes. Change.

This year I have a new name, a new address.
I sold my business and my house.
I became a Mrs again. Mrs Ellis.
I moved. I let go. I welcomed. I became.

Tomorrow I turn 45.

I have been processing all of this over the past few weeks and months during the time of transition. I am still Diane Brennan and I am also still Diane Cunningham. I will keep my name for much of my branding, my website, my “stuff” that I do. Over there I am using Diane Cunningham Ellis. Legally I am now D.E.E. which is fun. And Diane Ellis is much shorter to write.

All of this to say….change is a big deal. I am a brave woman in many aspects of my life. Some things come easy for me and others don’t. Talk to me about numbers or taxes and I will start to glaze over, or avoid or just hide in the corner. Invite me to lead a group or speak on a stage or write a book and I am ready to go. We all have our scary stuff. We each have our brilliance.

I start a new journey today with my new name. But every part of me comes along…every story, every triumph, every perceived tragedy, every question mark. All. Of. Me.

Thank you God for this new season and for the next chapters of the story!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~Socrates