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The Art of Becoming Fully You

Bits and Pieces.

Mosaic.  You are the bits and pieces.

Your life looks like a mess but really it is a masterpiece.

We are going to put them together…..with each other.

Are you ready to take off the mask of pretending everything is OK?

Ready to stop the aimless wandering from here to there and around again?

Do you feel like you want to SEE yourself in a new way?  

If you are willing… I’d like to share this journey with you.

A new way of living, a new way of thinking.

An ART-Venture of a lifetime.  But we will just start with 90 days.

Because life happens.

Life is messy. We MUST be willing to gather up the pieces and put them together anew.

Mosaic.  I created it for you!

Art has changed me.

I am new.

Writing. Words.  Colors.

I know exactly how you feel. I have been there and, honestly, I am in the midst of my own bits and pieces this very day. The life in transition. The life unfolding.   And today, as I am writing this, is Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

I sold my business of 7 years at the end of April.  I got married on July 1st.

I am in a new normal and not sure what that looks like.  I am in the midst of the transformation.

Accept my invitation… let’s get started.  A masterpiece awaits.  

My Big Brave Wake-Up Call!

I had a wake-up call about a year ago.  I realized I wanted to start over.  I wanted to stop doing certain things.  But I was afraid to STOP.  I was afraid to stop running, leading, teaching, producing.

Honest.  I had to get really honest.   It has been a deep dive into my life story and being willing to step out into the total unknown.

Lots of waiting. Lots of planning. Many sleepless nights before it was time to make certain announcements.

But I needed to allow things to happen in the way that God ordained and in His timing.

Waiting. Starting again. Getting honest. Creating new masterpieces.

What I have learned….is that we are always in transition. We are always in the ART.

  • The mess is the masterpiece
  • The beauty is in the chaos
  • The broken parts are necessary for the bigger picture
  • The blank canvas is not as scary as you once thought it was…
  • You are worthy of it, all of it

You are the mosaic and you are creating the mosaic

Did you know that we all need support?  As we look at the layers of our life story?

A coach to help us.

A hope instigator for the icky days.

A cheerleader for the process.

A mentor for the process.

A teacher to light the path.

A coffee date for the ugly stuff.

I am here to offer you a sacred circle. Mosaic with me, mosaic with us.

I have the tools, the processes, the experience to walk by your side. The only way through is through.

Let’s create together from our bits and pieces~

What is a Mosaic?

Noun: a picture or decoration made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, etc

Noun:  a colorful and variegated pattern

Noun:  a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole

Mosaic, in my words:  A mixture of pieces, or stones, of rocks or textures, as with our lives, woven together into a bigger piece.  Seeing all of the parts of my life as a whole and knowing that I can’t understand the magnitude of the beauty when I am in the middle of the making of it.  A design, a gathering, a cacophony of colors, stories, histories.

Why did I create Mosaic for you?

I always create what I need.  This program is what I feel right now.  Scattered. Bits of this and pieces of that. I feel my soul connected to this program. As a woman in recovery, I live this. As a former mental health therapist, I know this. As a woman who has a deep love of God, I crave this. I got my Life Recovery Coach Certification this past year to further add to my years of training and work in the recovery field and the coaching process. I am a Life Artist, helping you create your very own masterpiece, your own MOSAIC.

I am immersed all the way in it. In the creative process.

We must listen to the wise counsel of those who have walked the path ahead of us.

We must be willing to be willing… one brave day at a time.

This program is my gift to you.

Join me and the other women in this sacred circle who are walking this path, living this experience, and doing the work.

You are a woman who:

  • Wants to live life in color again
  • Wants to live with passion and purpose
  • Wants to be ready for adventure and willing to feel all of the feelings
  • Wants a toolkit for life, no matter what happens or where you end up
  • Wants to love yourself so much that you are willing to do the work

What is the Mosaic Experience?

  • 90 Days of Transformation, Coaching and Creativity.  September to November
  • 6 90-minute group mastermind sessions, September 6th and 20th,  Oct 4th and 18th, October, November 1st and 15th all at 10am CST, Wednesday Mornings
  • Weekly Writing Prompts, Creativity Assignments, and Life Homework, based on your reality and as needed
  • 3 Class Projects, one each month, but no pressure.
  • A.R.T. Intensive #1 on Friday October 13th (Your mid-term type of show and tell)
  • A.R.T. Intensive #2 on Friday December 1st (Your final type of show and tell)
  • BONUS for those who sign up in August 2017 by August 31st at midnight! 

Private StoryBoard Coaching Session with me for 90 minutes.  A breakthrough process.

This is your experience.  I hope you will dive in.

I can’t wait.

You are loved.

Let’s get started on the Mosaic plan.

I can’t wait to help you to create ART with your life.


Join Mosaic today!

  • One Payment of $797
  • (save $94 when you pay in full)
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $297
  • (one now and then each 30 days)
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