Do you want a custom piece from the Diane Cunningham Collection?

I am delighted to have my original art available for you and prints too.

Or I can custom create your own original piece to match your decor….
Do you want to order a unique gift for your friend, your daughter, your sister, or your mom?

Diane, yes me. . . I will paint what you envision for your loved one. A custom creation.
A one of a kind original design based on the colors you choose and the person you love.

I listen with my heart.

I paint in my kitchen, the corner of it..… the Heart Art Studio or “my art nook”.  

Or you can order a previously created piece from the Heart Art Studio below. . .

Get your own set of 10 of my post card sized Diane Cunningham Collection prints that each have a quote and a scripture.

Send one as a letter of encouragement.

Keep some for your own 5 x 7 frames to hang in your kitchen.

Use them as you see fit – they are yours.

Order your Package of 10 here for just $30
(includes shipping and handling)

Card Designs… Packages of 10. Can’t wait to send yours!

Custom Heart Art

Do you want to order a custom creation that I paint for you?

For your sweet heart? For your living room?

An office? A coffee shop?

Some of my pieces here…

(after purchase, I will be in touch with you to gather details for your custom order)

Order from my current selection here!
I have paintings just waiting for good homes.

Here are just a few… I have plenty more. 

Do you want to attend the 2017
Heart Art Retreat and paint with Diane?

October  6th, 7th and 8th, 2017

Heart Art Retreat… a Women’s Entrepreneurial Retreat

Meet the Artist: Diane Cunningham

As a business coach, former counselor and artist, Diane helps teach leaders how to gather their tribes and inspire them in ways that make their hearts sing. After spending years hiding from her own brilliance, she now helps ambitious entrepreneurial souls bravely give their gifts to the world so they can climb higher mountains, sing on more stages and dance as needed.

With Diane, she is the go-to gal for all things related to creative entrepreneurship and heart transformation aimed to inspire women to dream big, catch on fire, and change the world!

Heart Art Retreat with Diane Cunningham
Heart Art Retreat with Diane Cunningham
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