Heart Art Retreat

We experienced our 3rd Heart Art Retreat in October with 7 of us,
2 brand new attendees and 5 alumni.

Lives Changed, Hearts opened.

We embraced sisterhood, art and connection.

Take a look. . . October 2015 and February and October 2016 Moments and Memories!

Heart Art Retreat with Diane Cunningham
Heart Art Retreat with Diane Cunningham

The next Heart Art Retreat will be in the Fall of 2017

October 6th, 7th and 8th

We are also planning local Heart Art Writing and Creating Workshops in the Dallas Area too.
And a Heart Art Retreats in various locations. Let me know how we can help you to CREATE!

Heart Art Retreat… A Women’s Creative Gathering and Soul Retreat

The Heart Art Retreat is for the woman…

who knows deep down that she’s meant for something bigger and better… who’s not afraid to let her heart speak through her art… who knows that being brave goes beyond a business or a job title… who has a passion to lead through God’s guidance. She’s driven. She’s unstoppable. And the craziest part?

She’s You

Together, we will paint, write, talk, sit around the mulberry bush, have mini dance parties, relax, sleep, drink lots of coffee (if that’s your thing), and find secret stashes of chocolate. As an artist, writer, and visionary, I know I desire the time to be free and create.

Whether it is creating the next program, writing the next book or just taking the time to BE in the moment, the Heart Art Retreat will provide you the time and place to play, create, relax and have fun. The Heart Art Retreat is about creating a safe prayer-filled space to release the creativity that God has blessed you with. You are a woman who is ready to kick off your shoes, put on your comfy pants and let loose with your sisters in Christ. The Heart Art Retreat is for you…if you are ready to take your story, your life and your heart to start sharing your brilliance with the world. God is the Boss. We just have to listen!

How the Heart Art Retreat came to be….

Diane's First Heart Art

I was lying in bed one restless night when it hit me. As a former therapist, I have listened to women say over and over again that they just need time to get away from the chaos of daily life. In my role as the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, I hear the overwhelm, the frustration, and the confusion of the members. I feel it myself…the desire to want to run away. The craving to escape from the routine. The need to turn off all of my to-do’s and shut down the gadgets. I started painting the year after my divorce. I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed. I was running on fumes. I was spinning my wheels. I was hovering and trying to keep my little world (or big world of NACWE and clients) going. I was afraid. I had a broken heart. I have never taken a painting class. I was at a friend’s house who was an artist, and he had just attended an art class on painting hearts. Of course, my “thing” has always been hearts since way back in my teens. I asked about the class. He said, “Why don’t we just paint right now?” He pulled out the canvas and paints, and this is what I created. (painting on the left) IT CHANGED MY LIFE! He just told me to “paint my feelings,” and that is what I did.

A few days later, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought my first small table top easel and some brushes and paint. I had NO CLUE what I was doing, and I felt fabulous. It felt like being SET FREE! I started painted and I have not stopped. I posted photos of my paintings. People began to ask me to create paintings for them, and they paid me for the paintings. I was in shock. But the most important thing is that I allowed myself the freedom to be me. I found my heart again.

Heart Art Retreat | Diane Cunningham

At the 2017 FALL Heart Art Retreat, we will

Uplevel your confidence to bravely create the life and business of your dreams (think: creating concrete relationships and filling your bucket with love and the feeling of fulfillment). Discover the incredible power of art, sisterhood, giving yourself a place to create, and connecting with other ambitious women (oh, and did I mention you will have so much fun doing it?). Reconnect with your body. Relax, recharge and get reconnected to your body . You will be start each morning feeling REJUVENATED, and ready to step into who you are and where you’re going. And you’ll have plenty of free time to explore, reflect and daydream during the entire retreat. Awaken your Inner Artist. Allow the creativity to flow from your fingertips to canvas to experience of who you are without filter. Come and trust your intuition and let the paint be your guide. Pamper Yourself with an All-Inclusive Experience. From the deliciously tasty meals made onsite to custom experiences, gifts and more, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, every single detail is handled for you. All YOU need to do is show up and be your gorgeous self.

Let’s admit it.

  • You have attended enough conferences to last a lifetime.
  • You have watched enough webinars to honor your cable subscription.
  • You have sat behind the computer relentlessly staring at a blank screen.

The Heart Art Retreat is
more than a Retreat

It’s a community… it’s you standing there with your megaphone shouting from the bottom of your lungs. It’s the activator to kick start the life and business you were born for.

Are you an introvert? We’ve got you covered!

img_2061-e1424895918234-225x300At the retreat, we’ve carved out some space solely dedicated to getting that much-needed alone time you desire. With comfy sofas located throughout the living space and heart-centered books, you’ll be able to refresh your mind in a beautiful environment whenever you need it. We will have time to be together and time to reflect. Up to you~~ There are no strict schedules, sign-up for this workshop or that workshop…No 60-minute classes that teach you just enough information to leave you wanting more. No planned-out agenda telling you when to write. You know what you need to do. We will be here to support you… and listen when you need to talk, or hold you if you need to cry. We will connect for intentional conversations throughout the weekend. We will walk through Heart Art Experiences and Be Brave Exercises to help get your creative engine revved up. We will have loving, personable conversations AND THEN the rest of the time is yours. We will gather to connect, share ideas, listen to each other…we will just BE. I have some special facilitated processes planned that will help you release anything holding you back. You will use a VISUAL JOURNAL to jot your thoughts as you wish. Canvas will be provided for your Heart Art journey.

Take it from those who have been there…

Carlee Bowen

When I met Diane at her home for the first time, she was as warm and open as I knew she would be. I had been following some of her public posts, and on several occasions I was uplifted, encouraged, and inspired by this brave woman who was willing to risk transparency on social media. Her Heart Art was quite moving, and I found myself wanting to try this. So, I picked up a paint brush for the first time, and what transpired was cathartic and healing. It took a little time to relax and get into my heart, but I still did it. It’s about painting from the heart, not perfection. I loved it! The smell, the feeling of beginning to just let loose and BE. I decided I wanted to do this again and again. There is no right or wrong way to paint. It is only fitting that I would desire to participate in her first ever Heart Art Retreat. I’m ready for fun, sharing, painting, and lots of chocolate as I connect to my own heart on a deeper level.

Carlee Bowen
Annette Bridges

The Heart Art Retreat was exactly what I hoped for. Wonderful fellowship with interesting and caring women, engaging and intriguing conversations, insightful and clarifying journaling and joyful PAINTING! I had never painted before and I couldn’t wait to have a blank canvas in front of me and a paintbrush in my hand. With both journaling and painting, I learned to not overthink and let my heart guide and inspire me. And the results were life changing. I’m not kidding! Painting was both fun and healing for my weary soul. I left Heart Art Retreat with many new ideas and plans for my business. And the new ideas have continued to flow. I think there’s something powerful about journaling and creating business goals using a sketchbook and lots of colored markers!

Annette Bridgesannettebridges.com

The Venue

Welcome to Lakeside Retreat Center

Miles and miles away from the busy hustle of the city, this guest house is a place where you can delight in the beautiful Texas countryside and truly get away from it all.  This one of a kind Piney Woods Lakehouse is a delight.   You will be surrounded by southern hospitality at its very finest where we will be learning about discovering and unleashing your inner artist, becoming more in tune with your desires and intentions than ever before and build everlasting your sisterships (friendships).

Meet Your Host

Diane Cunningham

As a business coach, former counselor and artist, Diane helps teach leaders how to gather their tribes and inspire them in ways that make their hearts sing. After spending years hiding from her own brilliance, she now helps ambitious entrepreneurial souls bravely give their gifts to the world so they can climb higher mountains, sing on more stages and dance as needed. With Diane, she is the go-to gal for all things related to creative entrepreneurship and heart transformation aimed to inspire women to dream big, catch on fire, and change the world!

And get the life and business you DESIRE to have.
The 2017 Heart Art Retreat will be in the Dallas Texas Area.

NOTE: Space is limited to 7 women for each retreat.

Want a VIP Retreat Ticket?

  • Option #1:
    V.I.P. Private Coaching
  • 5 VIP SPOTS OPEN for private coaching
    before and after the Heart Art Retreat
  • Your V.I.P. Coaching and Retreat Package Includes:

    • Ticket to the Retreat
    • 5 Meals and Snacks during retreat
    • Lodging Included
    • Monthly Private Coaching with Diane: 6 60-minute sessions using skype or zoom

  • $1,997.00
  • Or pay in 3 payments of $397 – 30 days apart
  • Option #2:
  • 5 VIP SPOTS OPEN for private coaching
    before and after the Heart Art Retreat
  • Your Heart Art Retreat Weekend Package Includes:

    • Ticket to the Retreat
    • 5 Meals and Snacks during retreat
    • Lodging Included

  • $997.00
  • Or pay in 3 payments of $397 – 30 days apart

Cancellation Policy

Due to the fabulous-ness of this event, we are making a commitment to you to NOT cancel. We ask that you commit to this event also. In the event that you cannot attend, you can discuss with Diane the option of selling your spot to someone else or gifting it to a friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will the retreat take place?

A. The retreat will be hosted by Diane Cunningham at the Rhema Lakeside Retreat Center in Winnsboro Texas.  More info coming soon!

Q: Where you will stay?

The Lakeside Retreat Center has 3 bedrooms and lots of places to sleep.   Rooms will be shared with other attendee’s and food will be provided.

Q: What do I need to bring?

We will be sending you a helpful packing list before the event.

Q: May I bring a guest who is not registered at the Heart Art Retreat?

No unless they get registered. At this point, we only have room for 7 in the Lakehouse Retreat Center and we want a safe environment.

Q: How do I get to and from the airport?

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the airport. Rental cars may be booked here: www.airportrentalcars.com or through your preferred provider. You may also reserve a rental car when you book your airline ticket through your preferred provider. You can also reserve a shuttle at www.supershuttle.com for transportation to and from the airport for the retreat. You might also be able to share a ride with another retreat attendee and you will have to coordinate with them prior to the retreat.

Q: What is the weather like in Winnsboro, Texas?

You never know what the weather will be like in Texas.  Watch the Weather Channel.

Q: What are the Retreat Start and End Times?

This is a 2 night all-inclusive women’s weekend retreat. Arrival time at is 3pm CST on Friday and we leave on Sunday by 12 noon.  We will be doing some carpooling from the Dallas area so ask Diane about that!!

Q: Do you have to be an entrepreneur to go to the retreat?

NO. We welcome women creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world for break-through personal and business growth training, deep connections and of course, fun! This is for women who want to come together, become better and leave stronger.

Q: What type of food will be provided?

The menu is currently being prepared and we will get that posted here in a timely manner. Just know that I love to eat, I drink a lot of coffee and we do eat chocolate to keep our strength up. We can adjust based on your food needs.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

This is event is 21 and over.

Q: Do you have to be there for the entire weekend?

Yes this is a weekend event that builds on the experience and heart art happens in the room. You are the heart that creates the art. Your heart is needed.

Q: Is there parking on the property?

Yes we actually have our own space since this is our own little house to use for the weekend.

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