How Creativity Changed My Life

I am a new person. It started long before I first painted, but that day is most certainly etched into my mind. May 15, 2012. 5 years ago, now. I smelled that paint smell and created my first of many works of art. Art. Work. Works of art.

Creativity has changed me…

It has changed my vision.  I see with new eyes now.  Life is all a work of art.  You are a work of art.

It has changed my hands. My hands are meant to be used. My fancy fingernails are here to get paint on them and hold my camera or my writing tool or my paint brush.

It has changed my feet. They go wandering in order to find the beauty, not just to pound the pavement. My feet are in today, where the art happens. Not in yesterday or tomorrow. Here, in the now.

It has changed my mind. I am not stuck. My mind can change, just like the colors of a painting look different in the morning.

It has changed my heart. I am open. I am not hiding. I am a heart girl, and I have come to understand the miracle and masterpiece of this. One day at a time. My own messy masterpiece.