Counselors need Coaches.

I am both.  I was a counselor and now I am a coach.

And I am about to add counseling back into my mix of offerings.

You need a safe place.  You give it all…..all day to your clients.

You have a supervisor.

What about a mentor? A personal coach?  A social media, marketing business strategist?

That is where I come in….

A Safe Place

CREATE: A 90 Day Coaching Experience

A Inner Transformation

By exploring your own heart and soul. By having a mentor who is HERE for you!

A Sacred Coaching Relationship for Your Process

To help you open the door, to welcome the words, to be in your own body and your own life. We often get so “crazy busy” that we don’t sit down long enough to feel any of our own feelings.

A Creative Idea Gallery

I have learned how to market.  I know how to build a practice.  I want to show you the way for you to stop chasing clients and working 10 hour days.

How does it work?

Private Coaching.  For you.  Twice a month.  50 minutes by way of my virtual chat room.  A 90 day commitment.

You get to set the agenda….

  • Personal Challenges
  • Business Building
  • Marketing Support
  • Stress Relief
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creative Ideas
  • Speaking Topics
  • Book Writing

It’s up to you.  I am equipped to deal with all of it.

How do I know this?

I have my Masters in Counseling.  I have coached hundreds of women (and a few brave men).  Now I am about to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor to serve those with addictions.  Read more of my bio below…..

The bottom line is…… I get it.  Let’s get started.

This is your journey.  I can’t wait to go with you!

Healing. Hope. For You.

Start Now… no need to wait.  

90 days of taking care of you…

Me hearing you.  Deciding what you want to keep in your practice and what you need to let go of…


Coaching For Counselors
Full payment


Coaching For Counselors
3 payments


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