New Name

The Art in the Loft

The Unfolding of My Mind

I used to get so much accomplished.

I used to barely have time to breathe or think or answer the phone.

I now have time.  My mind feels rather mushy.  It is unfolding from being tangled up for so long in a to-do list and a schedule and being productive and hustling.  I wonder is the MUSH will stay with me and I worry that I will never serve the world in a productive manner again… but I must admit, I am loving this time.

I can breathe.

I can see.

I can wander.

I am not running behind every single minute anymore.

I am not chasing my tail or racing to catch myself.

I am letting myself sort, and settle, ponder and percolate.

It is good for me.


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The Stained Glass Windows in my Life

Stained Glass.  Colored shards of light.  A mosaic of random patterns. It speaks to me.

I got engaged on December 3rd. We found our wedding venue on January 3rd.  You can see here the photo I took in the sanctuary/ceremony room.  The colors called to me from the website pages long before I walked in the door.  It feels like me.  It feels like us.

Full of variety.  Complicated.  Magnificent.  Deep.

According to Wikipedia, (which is as reliable as Facebook)….Stained glass, as an art and a craft, requires the artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the piece. A window must fit snugly into the space for which it is made, must resist wind and rain, and also, especially in the larger windows, must support its own weight.

I believe LOVE is an art and a craft.   It requires artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the piece.   Love requires work, devotion, attention to detail.  The definition also mentions that the window must fit snugly into the place that it is made, must resist wind and rain and support its own weight.

Thus is love and marriage.  The rain will come along with the wind.  The wedding is not the marriage.

A life in patterns that seem not to fit together….but when seen as a whole, create a masterpiece. Us. We.  Me and he. 

Getting married. The joining of two lives.  Both who have wandered many roads.

I am grateful and yet wise in my knowledge.  I know what marriage is now.  I have been down the road before and so has he.  We know.  We know.  And we know that it is not about the venue or the presents. It is about the one day at a time art and craft of living together. And the breathing space that is needed to expand and contract as we evolve.

It is about all of the this.

The colors of life.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.