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The Art of Brave Living

Real Women. Real Stories. True Bravery. Personal stories of Christian women living brave daily.

23 women share their brave stories, photos and victories in this book. These stories aren’t about one journey, but a lifetime of choices and decisions that empower them with strength and purpose. They help us see that each time we meet life’s challenges head on with dignity and grace, even if we’re in tears, we’re mastering the art of brave living.

Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place

Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place is a collaborative book series written by 28 Christian sisters uniting to share their stories of triumph through personal struggles with the power of faith and God.

Inspired Business Toolkit

In this 305 page paperback business manual and guidebook, Diane Cunningham coaches you as you create a successful entrepreneurial roadmap. Learn about marketing, mindset and living your mission….plus so much more! Available in Kindle too!

Dear Female Entrepreneur My Friend

Are you a woman in business? Do you need a letter from a friend? How about a daily pep talk from someone who “gets it”?

Diane Cunningham is your “biggest fan” as she shares 31 letters with you written for the female entrepreneur. Her message rings true, and it cuts to the chase. She is willing to say what you are thinking, and allow you to be real. Each letter is a message of hope, encouragement, and victory.

This Book is being updated right now… check back with us!

Inspired Women Succeed

Be inspired. God did it for these forty women. He can do it for you too.

Diane Cunningham and Jo Ann Fore have crafted a Chicken Soup for the Soul®-spirited book that takes readers on an inspirational journey; a journey which teaches women how to entrust the hard spots of life to a sovereign God who has a plan.

Inspired Women Succeed is a book of courage and hope. You will connect with forty, brave-hearted Christian women entrepreneurs who faced unfathomable trials with heroic faith. And this passionate group of women authentically shares their life-transforming stories.

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