• Art Journaling Course

Write Your Heart Out

Art Journaling.

Colors. Washi tape. Post-it Notes.

Create with us…. I will show you the way and help you find your own path.

It matters.

The words. The ideas on paper.  The blank space.

Join me in the Creativity Corridor….. The ART Journaling Course.  

One Month.

Weekly Lessons. Writing Prompts.  Life Change Groups.

Using our own words…the power of writing.

Yes, Writing. Words. Colors.

Therapeutic Transformation

By exploring your own heart and soul. By pouring words on paper.

A Sacred Corridor for Your Journaling Process

To help you open the door, to welcome the words, to be in your own body and your own life. We often get so “crazy busy” that we don’t sit down long enough to feel any of our own feelings.

Creative Heart Gallery

A place for you to “virtually” hang up your work on the wall for show and tell. We want to see it. We want to hear your words and see your images.  We want to see what you create.  Grown-up show and tell.

My first Art Journaling Virtual Course is coming up…

Real Life Art:  May 1st to the 31st

One month of Writing and Creating (creative fun stuff that you will experience in the private group)

How does it work?

We share in our private facebook group with photos and videos.  Every week you will get a video course from me. And each day you will get a writing prompt in the facebook group or an small art assignment.  An idea for you to watch for each day.

I suggest you spend 10-15 minutes each day.  On you.  With your art journal.  Not hours, just 10-15 minutes.  I might challenge you to write something or I might challenge you to create something.

Then you come and post in our group and share with us. Simple, yet so profound.

How do I know this?

I have done 2 of these groups recently as a participant. It is hard to express what has happened for me and in me. One of the 2 weeks was while I was gone travelling on my Alaska Cruise with 10 members of my family….HINT: I still found time to write.

I have also hosted 3 of my own writing groups.  In the middle of a website launch, finishing an ebook and so much more.  I still had time to write. You can find the time. This is your journey.  I can’t wait to go with you!

Creativity Corridor Art Journaling Course


Creativity Corridor Art Journaling WITH COACHING

One Private 60 Minute Creativity Coaching
Session with Diane
(plus some nice homework to keep you moving along with your words after our conversation!)


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