• Canvas Art

    “I think in circles and colors and hearts and images.”
    —Diane Cunningham

Heart Art

I still can’t believe I am an artist.  But I am. Deep down. Always have been. It just took me until I was 40 year old to discover it.   It takes what it takes.  I started painting on May 15th of 2012 and have not stopped since.

I crave art.  I am messy by nature.  I don’t think in bullet points, I think is circles and colors and hearts and images.

This page includes my art on canvas or art paper.   See my Photo Art page for my photographs.  Find out about how I use words for art on my BLOG and Word Art page.  Take a look at the Heart Art Retreat page to join me for a weekend!

Do you want some custom Heart Art for a gift? For Christmas or a special day? For Valentine’s Day? For your home or your office?  Email me at diane@dianecunningham.com to get started.

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